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When anyone talks about the most influential players in cricket game then it is impossible for him to ignore the name of Sachin Tendulkar. He is the former right-handed batsmen in the international cricket team of India and he was also the captain of Indian international cricket team and he is the popular mogul in the game of cricket in terms of batting. Internationally he is the highest runs scorer in the batting and included in the top batsman list of the world. He was born on 24 April during the year 1973. He had the intense desire for playing in the international cricket as he started playing cricket at the age of eleven and at the age of sixteen he made his first debut in the test cricket against Pakistan in Karachi on November 15 during the year 1989. At the age of 24 he started cricket internationally in the International cricket team of India and also represented the Mumbai cricket team in the domestic tournaments.

Name Sachin Tendulkar
Full Name Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
Father's Name Ramesh Tendulkar
Mother's Name Rajni Tendulkar
Date of Birth April 24, 1973
Birth Place Mumbai
Nationality Indian
Wife Name Anjali Tendulkar

He is famous in the world of cricket for hundred centuries in the international games and the first cricket player who score a double century in the one-day international games. He has also the world biggest record in the cricket for the highest runs scorer in ODI and Test cricket games and one and only player who made more than 30,000 runs in the international cricket. Due to all of these records and exceptional performances in the cricket history he is popular in the world as a little master. In the India he is knows as God of cricket and also in some cricket playing nations. Some Indian fans called him Master Blaster. In spite of his popularity and familiarization he is the person of modesty and lack of pride once he stated that “I am not the God of cricket as I make mistakes too but the God does not make mistakes”. In the year 2001, he was the first batsmen to reach the level of 10,000 runs in the ODI in his 259 international games. In the halfway of his exceptional career during the year 2002 he was ranked as a second best and exceptional batsmen in the test cricket world according to a book named as Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack after don Bradman while he was also ranked second best batsmen in the ODI after Viv Richards in the same book.

He played six world cups in his career and he was the part of Indian cricket team when they won the world cup of 2011 while in the world cup of 2003 he named as the best player of the tournament and got the trophy for his title. During the year 2013, he was the only Indian cricketer who was included in the world XI team for test match on the anniversary celebrations of Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack. Throughout his career, he won many awards for his unprecedented performance in the cricket as a sportsman. He awarded with the Arjuna award for his extraordinary sports acquirement in 1994. After his final match in 2013, he was awarded the Indian most prominent award named as Bharat Ratna which is also an Indian most significant civilian award. There is a very big list of awards which were given to the Sachin Tendulkar in his career. He was also included in the first hundred most influential personalities in the world by the Time magazine in 2012. In the month of October 2013 he retired himself from the T20 cricket and in the next month November he retired from all formats of cricket after playing his 200th test match. In his career, he played 664 international matches and the score in all matches was 34,357.

Early age of Little Master

The born place of Sachin Tendulkar was Nirmal Nursing Home which was present in Dadar in the city of Bombay. He was born in the Brahmin family and the father of little master, Ramesh Tendulkar was a famous Marathi language novelist and poet at that time and the mother of Sachin Rajni worked in an insurance company. His father named little master because of his favorite director of music named as Sachin Dev Burman. In the age of school he was a very tyrant child and always created the problems for the new coming child in his school and class and this behavior was a point of thinking for school teachers. To limit this behavior of little master, Ajit the half-brother of Sachin introduced him in the cricket during the year 1984. He was also having interests in playing tennis but the cricket was his favorite. His brother introduced him in the major cricket academy of that area named as Ramakant Achrekar it was the best cricket club in the Bombay and produce very high reputable players in the past.

Sachin Tendulkar Biography

In the first game at the academy, he cannot play well due to the observance factor after the first game his brother told the coach to have him in the next match and let him played his natural game. In the second game, he played his natural game and selected as a student in that reputable academy. His coach Ramakant was very much impressed by his extraordinary talent so he advised him to move to the English school of Dadar which has a very high-class cricket team and produced many efficient players of cricket. In his cricket practice, his coach played a vital role to make him a reputable player. His coach was impressed with his talent so he decided to give him extra time after the practice session. In his school he was considered as a prodigy due to his extra talent in the game of cricket and in the local cricketers he became a hero that everyone talks about his talent and thinks that he will become a cricket star one day. In addition to his school cricket he also played for the different clubs as he represented the john bright cricket club in a cricket league of Bombay named as Kanga League and after that successful tournament, he played for the Indian cricket club.

At the age of 14, he has attended the MRF pace foundation for getting the training of fast bowler where an Australian fast bowler Dennis Lillee suggested him to concentrate on his batting as he was exceptional in the batting field. At the Golden Jubilee celebration, he was selected in the team as a substitute against Imran Khan’s side on 20 January 1987. After some time of that event the famous cricketer of Indian team Sunil Gavaskar gave him the pairs of pads and said that do not hurt me by not getting the award of “Best cricket junior Award” regarded by Bombay cricket association. Those words of Sunil Gavaskar were the best encouragement for the little player of the cricket. In his career’s best season 1988, he scores a century in every innings and made a remarkable record of unbroken partnership in which his score was 326 not out. After his first successful season, he continues to made record in the history of cricket and become the God of cricket.

Domestic Career of Sachin

Since the school days, he had a great talent for playing world class cricket. Tendulkar was selected in Bombay team for the tournament of Ranji Trophy which was the Indian famous domestic tournament in the year 1987 beside his inclusion in the team he was not selected for the final eleven member’s team in any of the matches in the tournament while he was included as a substitute for the fielding. The Idol of Sachin Tendulkar was Sunil Gavaskar and he cannot play any match with his idol as he was retired from every format of the cricket in 1987 after the world cup. On 11 December 1988 after one year of his idol retirement he made played his debut match alongside Bombay against Gujarat where he scored a century and remained not out. He was the first youngest player who made his century in his debut match when he was almost 16 years old. After the first century, the captain of the Bombay team Dilip Vengsarkar picked him for continuous playing alongside his team. He also scored centuries in the first matches of other domestic trophies like Duleep and Deodhar trophies. In the season of 1988 to 89 he was the highest scorer between all the players of the Ranji trophy. In the season of Irani trophy 1989 to 90 he also made a century and remained unbeaten against the team of Delhi. In the season of Ranji trophy 1990-91 when the Bombay team was beaten by Haryana with only two runs in the final, in that match his 96 runs gave the chance to Bombay for victory but unfortunately, they lose that final with two runs.

Sachin Tendulkar was the first overseas player who played for the Yorkshire team as a replacement of an Australian player in the year 1992. At that time he was at the age of only 19. He played sixteen matches and scored 1070 with the best average of 46.52.

Captaincy of the Indian Team

Sachin Tendulkar took the captaincy of the Indian team in 1996 and the first two tenures of his captaincy were not victorious. When he took captaincy there were extreme expectations from him by the team members, coaches and Indian public but in 1997 tenure he cannot lead the Indian team to the victory. At that time Azharuddin is the former cricket player of India as he said about the captaincy of Tendulkar that he cannot win as he has not it in his destiny. Indian team visited Australia in the captaincy of Sachin and was badly beaten by Australian team with 3-0 but he earned the man of the series award in that series with Australia. After some time they visited South Africa and played three test match series with Africans team but could not win a single match. In the year 2000, he resigned from the captaincy and gave the charges to Sourav Ganguly. In 2007 Rahul Dravid wanted to resign from the captaincy during the tour to England and the BCCI president asked the Tendulkar for the captaincy but he did not accept the captaincy proposal and suggested the name of MS Dhoni who is the most successful captain of the Indian cricket team history.

Retirement from all formats

In the year 2012 the performance of Sachin Tendulkar remained poor against the series of England so due to the poor performance, he decided to get the retirement from one-day international cricket. On the day of 23 December 2012, he retired from the ODI cricket. When he retired from the ODI cricket a former Indian cricket player said that it was tough for me to see the Indian ODI team without the name of Sachin Tendulkar. In the year 2006 when India played against South Africa in the T20 world cup, he decided to retire from the T20 cricket. In 2013 on the day of 26 May, he retired from the IPL (Indian Premier League) and the entire short overs formats and he gets the retirement from all formats of cricket including test format on October 10, 2013, when they played two series of test matches against West Indies. BCCI arranged those two matches on the Kolkata and Mumbai upon his request so he can retire from the cricket on his home grounds.

Personal life of Sachin Tendulkar

The personal life of Sachin Tendulkar is very happy. He married to Anjali Mehta on 24 May in the year 1995. They have two children a son named as Arjun and a daughter named as Sara. The capabilities of his son in cricket game have the attention of cricket board of India. By religion, Sachin Tendulkar is a Hindu and strong believer of Ganesha.

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